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A Message from the Heart

Korey & fiance Manny Floresca, USC Salk Soccer Alum

Korey & fiance Manny
Floresca, USC Salk Soccer Alum

USC Salk Baseball Alum Korey Ahrens sends out a Challenge:

OK I said I was not going to do this but here it goes. People I know im not the smartest person in the world, nor do I know everything about everything, but im not stupid. The problems going on in this country make me sick to my stomach. Anybody that knows me knows I am a people person, I love people. I love to interact with people, meet new people, teach new people, help new people. The amount of hate that is in the world just for they way someone looks, or dresses, or even because someone is over weight. We are all still people, GOD’S people. And im going to make a challenge to all the people in my generation. All the people that have young kids or are about to have kids or even the young kids that inspire to have kids when they get older. The challenge people is to talk to your kids. Teach them to love all people, teach them to show respect to people no matter what color they are no matter how they dress or how much money they have, no matter what. If people give your respect you give it back. If we want change it has to start somewhere, and parenting is where is starts. Kids are not born racist or they are not born with hate in their hearts, they are taught that. They learn from their parents and the people you let around them. Sit your kids down and look them in the eye and tell them how to be good people.Tell them how we are going to make a change in this world.Tell them that there are people out there who are not good people. Who judge people by the color of their skin and what they wear or how they eat. Let them know that its not right, its not the way God wants us to live, and this is not how you are going to live. I will never sit here and pretend to know the struggles of everybody, how could I but do know this my kids will be taught the right way. My kids will know to respect people that give you respect and to never judge people in till you get to know them. I am going to try to make a change, and if you want to make a change this is how we do it. It starts with the youth and the parents that guide them. I love everybody man I really do i hate to see my country divided.

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