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More than a Man of Basketball

Salk Alum Cory Thomas is a man of many talents.  Whether he is playing on the court or playing the piano at the residence of Dr. Pastides, President of the University of South Carolina.  From winning games to winning talent shows, Cory gives his all.

Cory continued his stellar basketball career at Lynn University in Boca Raton, Fla..  Cory’s Senior year was an awesome one. Lynn University  made to the NCAA tournament and he started every game. Cory led his team in blocked shots and the team as a whole was number 1 in the country for blocked shots. They went all the way to the sweet sixteen in the tournament where they lost to the team that ended up winning the national championship. This past spring Cory graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice and earned a spot on the Sunshine State Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll. In a conversation with Cory yesterday he stated “I have had agents trying to contact me but I have decided to not pursue a career in basketball now that I have graduated.  I now work at a car wash called Rising Tide. They have been featured on many media outlets like Fox and others because they are a company that employs people with autism. I am a management trainee and they are preparing me to run the business myself. I really enjoy it. Hopefully once I finish my 2 year contract with them I will open my own business.”  Know doubt, Cory has a heart to match his 6’10 frame.

A little about Rising Tide: Rising Tide was founded by a family affected by autism in an effort to empower individuals with this diversity by giving them the tools to be elite car wash professionals. Rising Tide is a scalable conveyrized car wash dedicated to the empowerment of individuals with autism. Each Rising Tide location will have high exposure in the community and provide employment for people with autism through easy to learn, process driven labor. Rising Tide will have strong enough profitability to support a community of people with autism through living wages, career advancement opportunities and independent living skills and self-advocacy training.

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By: Dawn Rizer

Cory helping in Beth Smoak's class at Black Street Early Childhood Center in Walterboro

Cory helping in Beth Smoak’s class at Black Street Early Childhood Center in Walterboro

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