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COVID-19 Protocols

The following are requirements for NJCAA Region 10 in regards to COVID-19

Pre-Return and Return-to-Campus Preparation and Communication Plan

Campus General Council/Risk Management Liability Understanding & Communication

  1.  Align department policies with campus policies and communication of public healthcare guidelines
  2. Reporting, monitoring and resolution of symptoms of illness align with institutional guidelines
    • Patient-health care provider contact
    • Emphasis on avoiding communal buildings
  3. Infectious disease education for student athletes and departmental staff (recommended during athletics orientation)
    • Guidelines for infection prevention and transmission control
    • Proper communication methods for reporting symptoms
    • Individual personal conduct and hygiene

Creation of Athletics COVID-19 Action Team (see NJCAA Health and Safety Recommendations for Return to Play)

Creation of Action Plan (see NJCAA Health and Safety Recommendations for Return to Play)

The Path for 2020-2021 NJCAA Sports

Safety Protocol for 2020-2021 Regular Season and Region Championship Competition

Member colleges should adhere to all institution, state and local regulations and guidelines regarding COVID-19 and re-opening.

  • Temperature checks for all student-athletes, coaches, game personnel prior to each competition. Visiting team travel parties should be checked for temperature readings between the bus and athletic venue. Action must be taken for anyone having a temperature of 100.3 degrees and above. The Action Plan should include processes and procedures for anyone with a temperature of 100.3 degrees and above.
  • Teams are required to complete the NJCAA COVID Daily Questionnaire on game days and recommended to complete the form on days of participation
  • Visiting teams are required to check temperatures before departing from their home location.
  • Provide sport medicine staff (or appointed designee) with necessary personal protective equipment
  • Limit contact between teams when possible, including the elimination of pre-game and post-game handshake.
  • Limit student-athlete fan engagement before and after competition.

Safety Protocol for Athletic Facilities and Equipment

  • Member colleges should adhere to all state and local regulations and guidelines regarding COVID-19 and re-opening facilities.
  • Member colleges should clean and disinfect frequently touched surfaces and equipment on the field, court, or playing surface.
  • Develop a schedule for increase, routine cleaning and disinfecting. If you play at a rented facility, you need to have a copy of the cleaning and disinfecting schedule.
  • Limit the use of shared objects and equipment when possible.
  • Eliminate the sharing of water bottles and towels amongst teammates
  • Limit facility access for student-athletes as deemed appropriate.
  • Implement social distancing for team benches when possible.
  • Encourage fans, staff, and other event attendees to wear face masks.
  • Encourage social distancing for fans during the event.

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